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A Leelanau Weekend - As Good As It Gets?

I'm on a little autumn getaway to the Land of Delight (aka Leelanau), and thinking to myself .... Does life (or afterlife) get any better than this? Here I am with my beautiful infant granddaughter and her beaming parents, on a beautiful sun-filled day ... Hiking a beautiful path through a beautiful woods. Enjoying a beautiful picnic on a hillside with a beautiful view. Marveling at a beautiful sunset on a beautiful lake. It is all so very good.  Perhaps as good as it gets - in this life ... and beyond.   Maybe all of the truly good things I'll ever experience are in these right here and right now moments. If so, may God help me to savor them. See You Up North, Chris           Visit A Leelanau Landmark:  At every turn, see all of the above ... and more.