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Leelanau ... Water Wonderland

Girl  And  Duck  In  Sleeping  Bear  Bay What is it about water? Why are we so attracted to this liquid that surrounds us in Leelanau? We want to see it, To hear it, To feel it, To drink it, To be immersed in it. Why? The learned ones surmise that our affinity for water is traceable to the dawn of life, ... When our very remote ancestors sported gills and fins to maneuver around their watery habitats. It seems that water is our true home - that we are made for it, ... And made of it, as well. Together, the human brain and heart consist of 73% water. Makes sense .... Water is what we know and love. See You In The Water In Leelanau Up North,                                                                     Chris                     Visit A Leelanau Landmark:  The Land of Delight surface area is 86%                      H2O -  with 100 miles of Lake Michigan coastline, 33 inland lakes, and                     3 rivers ....   Need water?  Co

Leelanau Up North, ... As You Like It

Leelanau  Sunset After 57 stories, 14,000 visitors, and lots of feedback, ... I've learned what people like about this space. They like the brevity of content, (Because they have to read something else right away.) They like the beautiful photos, (Because they can't often visit Leelanau in person.) They like the non-partisan tone, (Because their lives are filled with partisan tones.) But mostly, ... They like the message, (Because it's true:) There really is a place ... Where you can lose yourself in the shadow of towering dunes, And yet find your place in the cosmos. Where you can seek the answers on woodland trails, And yet find satisfaction in the questions themselves. Where you can quench your freshwater passions, And yet thirst for more - More of the Most Beautiful Place In America. More of Leelanau. See You In Leelanau Up North, Chris                           Visit A Leelanau Landmark: the beaches of Lake Michigan.