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Wisdom Of The Woods In Leelanau

Woodlands  At  North  Bar  Lake                                                                                                                                                                                   Leelanau is a land of trees ... And they talk to each other.  Nicely. "What's shakin'," asked the Pine.  "Nothin' but my leaves," said the Maple.  "And that's on account of the breeze." Okay.  The conversation isn't quite like that. Seriously though, researchers have discovered that trees in a forest - even different species - communicate their needs to each other via an underground network of fungi.   This intricate fungal web allows the trees to help their woody neighbors by transferring needed nutrients and signaling environmental change. And the largest and oldest trees, the so-called "mother trees," actually search out and nurture their offspring seedlings. So, Mr. Darwin, it's

Leelanau ... Just For The Health Of It

View  From  Pyramid  Point Here is something I've always suspected - but had no actual proof for ... Until now. Living in the vicinity of a Great Lake, or numerous inland lakes, is good for your mental health. A recent study reported in PLOS One, the respected, peer-reviewed scientific journal, concluded: "We found a protective effect for Great Lakes, whereby living closer to a Great Lake was associated with lower anxiety / mood disorder hospitalizations." The study further noted that the same protective effect was conferred by close proximity to an "abundance of inland lakes."  The effect was small but statistically significant. And here we are in Leelanau, with its 27 inland lakes ... all surrounded by Lake Michigan. The scientists surmise what the locals (and visitors) know - that the expansive vistas of water, as well as its sound, smell and feel - all contribute to a distinct feeling of well-being. Moreover, when we're around t