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Leelanau Envy

Photo Courtesy Of The Leelanau Enterprise Some guys have it all …. Take Rick Wanroy of Leland, Michigan, for example. Rick is the proprietor of The Cove, a hugely popular restaurant on the Leland River. Rick lives and works in Leelanau County, a.k.a. the Land of Delight, one of the most beautiful places in America. Rick owns a sweet, cherry red Amphicar for cruising the roads and waterways of Leelanau in style. Did I mention the beauty queen riding in the back seat of Rick's Amphicar? Dining at The Cove, you'll have a ringside seat by a mini Niagara Falls, as the turquoise water cascades over the Leland dam on its short trip to Lake Michigan.  A truly picturesque  setting for a great meal. And if you spend any time in Leland's historic Fishtown District, you're bound to see Rick's famous car / boat - motoring around with four wheels, ... if by land, and two propellers, ... if by sea. Rick's Amphicar is one of only 3,878 produced in German

Leelanau ... One In A Billion, Billion

Leelanau Waterscape … by Kristina Lishawa Photograpy Summer in Leelanau is a perfect time to contemplate how utterly insignificant we are in the universe, or ... If your glass is half full, …  How miraculously significant it is that we even exist in the cosmos. Why Summer?  Because, while relaxing on the beach, one may casually pick up a handful of golden sand containing about 10,000 grains.  One may then recall the report of the prestigious International Astronomical Union in 2003: There are 10 times more stars in the observable sky than grains of sand in all the world's beaches, dunes and deserts! With so many billions upon billions of stars and their planets surrounding us, perhaps millions of them with intelligent life, it's easy to feel totally inconsequential - like a tiny droplet in the vast sea of existence. But, ... what if it turns out, … there really is no place like home? What if our sapphire blue rock is like no other in creation? What if,