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A Leelanau Christmas

  View From Empire Beach When I was a younger man,  He never told me ... There would be longings without fulfillment. There would be heartaches without healing. There would be questions without answers. But now, as an older man, I remember what He did say ... There would be love without conditions. Nothing else really matters.

A Stream Runs Through It ... In Leelanau

A little stream runs fast and clear through Empire Village. Flowing from a spring-fed pond, ... It turns a waterwheel and tumbles over ancient rocks,  On its way to South Bar Lake. And from there to Lake Michigan. Sometimes I stare at the rushing water,  As if in a trance, Captivated by the sight and sound of it. Sometimes I dream of the stream .... And in my dreams, Drink from the cool, swirling pools along its bank. And sometimes, ... I just envy the little stream. For it knows exactly what to do, And where to go ... In life. See You In Leelanau Up North, Chris                     Visit A Leelanau Landmark:  The little stream in Empire Village                     - forever flowing  next to the Empire House Bed & Breakfast on                      Lacore  Street.  Look for the waterwheel amidst the cedar trees.