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Hiking While Distracted In Leelanau

Empire  Bluffs  Trail  Under  April  Snow I find it somewhat amazing that people can be surrounded by one of the most beautiful landscapes in America, ... and are seemingly unable to pry their eyes from the exalted smartphone. I say only somewhat amazing because everyone millennial and younger deems smartphones a birthright that will not be denied.  I get that. But what I don't understand:  Why come to the Land of Delight - where the whole point is the scenery - and hardly raise your head to really look at it? And it can be dicey to have eyes glued to little screens in this big outdoor space.  I've seen more than one smartphone zombie walk into a tree, ... or nearly tumble off a narrow dune trail 300 feet above the lake.  This is known to cause some level of discomfort. Should we not spend nearly every Leelanau minute enjoying the view?  After all, given life's vagaries, who knows when we and the view shall meet again, ... if ever. "Well said,&quo

Who Will Come After Us In Leelanau?

Empire Beach - Looking South In the same way that I contemplate those who came before, I wonder who will follow in our footsteps on this land, in this house, in Empire Village.  When our time is up. Who will walk on the paths we cleared among the locust trees?  Who will sit on the patio we made with the smoothest lakeshore stones?  Whose voices will echo in the house we so lovingly built on this hill years ago? Who?  Likely our children and grandchildren will follow for a number of years.  But who will come after them?  And on ... and on. Many have come before us in Leelanau, and many will follow after we're gone. We may leave our little mark - pray not a scar - upon the land, while we're in charge. But in truth, we are all temporary caretakers of this special place.  Good stewards, I hope, on our way to eternity. See You Up North, Chris                     Visit a Leelanau Landmark:  Glen Lake Community Library -                      What a big treasur