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Leaving Leelanau

View  From  Storm  Hill Whenever I leave this little finger of land, I whisper to the big lake, In my words or thoughts: "See you next time." We are neighbors, the lake and I, ... But really more like friends. And, like friends,  We have our occasional differences. At times, she can be irascible, brooding, And, quite literally, As cold as ice. But more often, She is a wise and soothing companion, ... The sweet water of my life in Leelanau. Always there. Waiting, ... For my return. See You In Leelanau Up North, Chris                     Visit A Leelanau Landmark:  Storm Hill - The historic estate of                     Empire lumber baron, Harvey Wilce.  A private residence, this                     massive, beautifully  restored, Craftsman style bungalow may                     be viewed from the intersection of Storm Hill Drive and Niagara                     Street in Empire - just east of the public beach.   CLICK  'SUBSCRIBE'  AND  ENJOY  A  BIT  OF  LEELANAU  UP