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In Leelanau, ... Looking Forward

Sleeping  Bear  Dunes So here we are in Empire, sitting on the edge of our Bluffs, ... In eager anticipation - because, ... Coronavirus or not, ... It's nearly Springtime. And t here are no timid seasons in the Land of Delight.   The seasons here are brash and bold - where ... Warm Summer beaches are caressed by cool blue waters, Autumn forests are ablaze in red and gold, Icy Winter winds push white capped waves, And on this day, ... T ender green seedlings herald a lush, verdant Spring. In Leelanau, as in life, …  Even now, ... T here is always something to look forward to. And the Seasons are the Reasons. See You In Leelanau Up North, Chris                     Visit A Leelanau Landmark:  Sleeping Bear Dunes National                     Lakeshore - With over 70,000 acres of woods and water to                     explore, it's easy to keep your distance from one another, …                      and have fun at the same

Just A Leelanau Working Stiff

HELP  WANTED - WORK  AT  THE  BEACH!!! Now that I am mostly retired, ... my wife thinks I should get a job. I do believe I've found the perfect position: EMPIRE  BEACH  AMBASSADOR.  Very impressive. Duties: 1.  Direct beachgoers to the parking fee collection machine.   2.  Repeat. 3.  Repeat. Qualifications - Must have affinity for: 1.  Sun 2.  Sand 3.  Surf Remuneration:  A great view of the bay, … but not much pay. Seriously.  The Village of Empire is now hiring beach attendants for the 2020 Summer season.  Call (231) 326-5466 or email "Sun above, Sand below, Peace within." Sign me up. See You In Leelanau Up North, Chris                      Visit A Leelanau Landmark:  Empire Beach on Lake Michigan -                      consistently ranked among the best beaches in the world by                      National Geographic, Forbes, etc.  A true sweet water oasis                       amidst toweri