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Of Roundness In Leelanau

Glen Lake - Courtesy Of The Leelanau Conservancy From the tiniest beach pebble, ... To the Big Glen Lake, ... Roundness abounds in Leelanau. Then there are ... Water droplets, Tree trunks, Ladybugs, Clouds, Sunflowers, Apples, Bays, And more, ... In which curvature prevails. Why is the world - indeed the universe - so partial to rotundity? The learned ones explain that roundness is nature's most efficient shape, ... Allowing for the greatest volume with the least surface area, And the lowest expression of energy possible, Within an enclosed space. And you thought spheres were just pretty things. See You In Leelanau (in the round), Chris                        Visit A Leelanau Landmark:  Big Glen Lake - Described as one                    of the most  beautiful lakes in the world by Maynard Owen Williams,                    famous  National Geographic foreign correspondent and travel writer.                   Over 6,000 acres and up to 130 feet deep, Glen Lake empties into          

Ode To Friendship In Leelanau

View From Empire Bluffs Trail The great hills of the Leelanau, ... They stand along the freshwater sea. And it's there, walking in the high woods, That I would wish to be. And the friends who were children when I was a child, ... Walking along with me. Now that I am a settled man ... On the path of growing old, I have built a house with a deep thatch ... To shelter me from the cold. And there shall the Leelanau songs be sung ... And the story of Leelanau told. I will hold my house in the high woods ... Within a walk of the freshwater sea. And the friends who were children when I was a child ... Shall sit, ... and eat ... and drink with me. See You In Leelanau Up North, Chris                     Visit A Leelanau Landmark: "Ode To Friendship In Leelanau"                    - an  homage to Hilaire Belloc and his original composition, "South                   Country," - which I have edited with reverence and now dedicate                   to the Land of Delight, ..