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Problem Solving In Leelanau

Clay  Cliffs  Natural  Area  -  Leelanau Amazing what a walk along the Lakeshore will do. A thorny life issue, which may confound me sitting at my desk, ... Is often laid bare and simplified by a stroll on the beach. How so? It's the Wind, the Water and the Sun.   They confront my worldly conundrum head on, ... And against these forces of Leelanau - my concern cannot prevail. It is blown wide open, washed clean, and shown in its true light, ... Revealed to be much less daunting than before. Leelanau Life Lesson No.13:   Bring your problem to the water's edge - where you have nothing to lose ... But your problem. See You In Leelanau Up North, Chris                     Visit A Leelanau Landmark:  Clay Cliffs Natural Area - where steep,                     forested clay bluffs are bordered by 1700 feet of Lake Michigan and                     Lake Leelanau shoreline.  Enjoy panoramic meadow and high ridge                     views preserved and m