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Leelanau, ... Eternally

Rode my bike to St. Philip Cemetery the other day .... And carefully walked among the inhabitants - The good people of Empire Village - Looking for my own, eventual, Place of Rest. Later, rather than sooner - I hope. Surreal to contemplate this little plot, ... My eternal spot. As if the view of the countryside will really matter, ... After all. Still, ... Where I will lay Is the path of the westerly wind  As it comes off the big lake - Carrying tiny grains of sand  From the majestic dunes. To be deposited around my headstone. And making me feel ... Right at home.                     VISIT A LEELANAU LANDMARK:  St. Philip Neri Catholic Church                     and Cemetery - Established after the civil war to accommodate                     the gowing faith-filled population arriving from the eastern U.S. and                     europe.  The Deering family, prominent merchants to this day,                      generously donated the land for Empire's only Catholic facility.