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Leelanau Timber Tale

Seeking relief from my corona blues, ... I walked the beach north of Empire, And came upon the skeleton of an old shipwreck. If only her timbers could talk, They would tell the sad tale of the schooner, Jennie & Annie, …. Of how she plied these waters for the last time,  On November 12, 1872, ... When in a fierce gale she was driven aground, And mercilessly battered by wind and waves. Most of her crew, ... Seven sorry souls, With fingers bloodied and frozen, Lost hold of the mangled rigging, And succumbed to the icy waters. As I pondered the fate of the captain and his mates,  With my hand on the ancient ship's bones, My corona blues ... S eemed a little less blue. See You In Leelanau Up North, Chris                Visit A Leelanau Landmark:  The remains of the Jennie & Annie - A                remarkable sight, roughly halfway to North Bar Lake from Empire                Beach.  Be aware that surf and sand conditions could

Leelanau Corona Blues

Empire Bluffs Trail - Photo Courtesy Of The National Park Foundation In Empire Village, Michigan (pop. 375), Joe's Friendly Tavern is closed, ... Even for takeout. Apparently because someone i n Wuhan City, China (pop. 11,000,000) -  Over six thousand miles away - Sneezed. And we were thus sentenced to solitary confinement In Leelanau, ... W ith o nly the peaceful Woods,  C alming Waters,  A nd sheltering Dunes ... As our companions. To be sad, Is not so bad ... In the Land of Delight. See You (Someday) In Leelanau Up North, Chris                   Visit A Leelanau Landmark:  Virtual Dinner Party - The brainstorm                   of Lelanites to socialize and support their local restaurants. Host a                    virtual get together through your home computer via Zoom video                                             conferencing, … and everyone orders takeout food from purveyors                   in Leelanau (except Joe's). Here