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A Leelanau Recurse

Coast Guard Aerial View Of Florence Lake In a dream, ... I was floating in the middle of a small lake, ... Which was located in the middle of a remote island, ... Which was located in the middle of a big lake. In reality - in Leelanau - there is such a geologically unique place. Known as a recursive lake, little Florence Lake is found on South Manitou Island, Which itself is situated in Lake Michigan. In my dream, ... I was trying to escape the coronavirus. And, ... In a lake, ... on an island, ... in a lake, ... I found refuge. See You In Leelanau Up North, Chris                     Visit A Leelanau Landmark:  Florence Lake - A great day trip                     excursion via the ferry boat from Leland to South Manitou                     Island.  The lake is the named after Florence Haas (1863-1943),                     the island postmaster, midwife and deck hand  supreme on the                      Michigan - Wisconsin car ferry.  A remarkable woman indeed. CLICK 'SUBSCRIBE