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A Leelanau Parable

The Third  Coast There once was a wealthy man in Leelanau who built a fine house on the shore of   Big Glen Lake. It was a magnificent structure of many rooms, richly appointed in oak and natural stone. Caretakers were employed to maintain the beauty of the house and grounds. The wealthy man had fine houses in other areas, and would only visit his Leelanau house occasionally. Now the wealthy man had a less well-to-do neighbor in Leelanau whose cottage had a distant view of the lake. It was a modest dwelling of simple design with basic, yet comfortable features. The neighbor took great satisfaction in working on his cottage and yard - painting, fixing things, cutting the grass, and more. The neighbor had a modest home in another location, but visited his Leelanau cottage frequently - spending as much time there as possible. Now which of these men do you think was more content in Leelanau? The wealthy man - or his less well-to-do neighbor? Truly, it seems that ... The more a man has, the

Covetous In Leelanau

Beach  At  South  Manitou  Island I envy these majestic dunes, This vast freshwater sea, The rolling woodlands and meadows .... Long after I am gone, And just a memory, They will go on ... To feel the warm of the sun, The cool of the rain. The fresh of the breeze. Long after I am gone, And just a memory. As they enjoy permanence At the expense of life, I enjoy life ...  At the expense of permanence. Sometimes,  I wonder ... Which of us Has the better deal. See You In Leelanau Up North, Chris                     VISIT A LEELANAU LANDMARK:  South Manitou Island - A jewel                      of the national park, located 15 miles west of Leland in Lake Michigan.                     Accessible by private boat or the Manitou Transit Ferry, the Island has                     groomed trails for day trippers, and rustic campsites  for longer stays.