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The Sun Always Rises ....

Sunrise  Over  Northport  Bay In Leelanau, ... and beyond.  Does it not? Though here it is often disguised by clouds over the big lake. Still, its light always overtakes the darkness, and a new day dawns.  Everyday. It's as if the Author of Nature is giving us another chance .... To give. To console. To heal. To be brave. To love. To be loved. Giving us another chance. And another. And another.  Everyday. Because the sun always rises - And the Son has risen in Leelanau, ... and beyond.

In Leelanau, ... Looking Back

Empire  Beach  Sunset To behold a Leelanau sunset, Is to glimpse a bit of heaven from earth. But not in real time. For to look at a Leelanau sunset, Is to look back in time - About 8.3 minutes ago to be precise. Which is the time it takes for our sunlight To make its 93 million mile journey To the Land of Delight. So, the sun actually sets eight plus minutes before the sunset image we view from our little planet. Indeed, everything we see in this universe is time delayed, By milliseconds to millions of years, Depending upon its distance from our eyes. In other words, ... In Leelanau and beyond, Now is an illusion. See You In Leelanau Up North, Chris                 Visit A Leelanau Landmark:  Leelanau Up North - recently named                one of the top 70 Michigan blogs by the editors at                Check out Michigan's most popular blogs at  Top 70 Michigan Blogs . CLICK  'SUBSCRIBE'  AND  ENJOY  A  BIT  OF  LEELANAU  UP  NORTH  BIWEEKLY!