Hiking While Distracted In Leelanau

Empire  Bluffs  Trail  Under  April  Snow

I find it somewhat amazing that people can be surrounded by one of the most beautiful landscapes in America, ... and are seemingly unable to pry their eyes from the exalted smartphone.

I say only somewhat amazing because everyone millennial and younger deems smartphones a birthright that will not be denied.  I get that.

But what I don't understand:  Why come to the Land of Delight - where the whole point is the scenery - and hardly raise your head to really look at it?

And it can be dicey to have eyes glued to little screens in this big outdoor space.  I've seen more than one smartphone zombie walk into a tree, ... or nearly tumble off a narrow dune trail 300 feet above the lake.  This is known to cause some level of discomfort.

Should we not spend nearly every Leelanau minute enjoying the view?  After all, given life's vagaries, who knows when we and the view shall meet again, ... if ever.

"Well said," my wife is thinking (and smirking), "by a guy who still uses a vintage flip phone that is usually turned off."

Okay.  Well, ... at least I don't fall off Empire Bluffs.

See You Up North,


                    Visit A Leelanau Landmark:  Empire Area Museum - Turn off your
                    smartphone and travel back to the time when Empire was a 
                    bustling lumber town in the late 1800's.  The museum complex - 
                    comprised of Beeman Barn, Hose House, Blacksmith Shop, Roen's
                    Saloon, School House and Main Museum - is crammed full of period
                    antiques and artifacts.  Located at M-22 and LaCore Street, Empire


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