Leelanau Envy

Photo Courtesy Of The Leelanau Enterprise

Some guys have it all ….

Take Rick Wanroy of Leland, Michigan, for example.

Rick is the proprietor of The Cove, a hugely popular restaurant on the Leland River.

Rick lives and works in Leelanau County, a.k.a. the Land of Delight, one of the most beautiful places in America.

Rick owns a sweet, cherry red Amphicar for cruising the roads and waterways of Leelanau in style.

Did I mention the beauty queen riding in the back seat of Rick's Amphicar?

Dining at The Cove, you'll have a ringside seat by a mini Niagara Falls, as the turquoise water cascades over the Leland dam on its short trip to Lake Michigan.  A truly picturesque  setting for a great meal.

And if you spend any time in Leland's historic Fishtown District, you're bound to see Rick's famous car / boat - motoring around with four wheels, ... if by land, and two propellers, ... if by sea.

Rick's Amphicar is one of only 3,878 produced in Germany from 1960 to 1963.  Powered by a peppy British Triumph engine, it has been described as ...

"the fastest car on the water and the fastest boat on the road." 

Let's see ….

Owns a wildly successful restaurant;

Works and lives in a most beautiful place; 

Drives a rare collector's boat / car; ….

Did I mention the beauty queen?

Oh, … to have it all … in the place that has it all.

Rick, … seriously, ... I want to be you.

See You Up North,

                         Visit A Leelanau Landmark:  The Cove Restaurant - Rick's 
                         place is well known for its tasty, Up North inspired food and 
                         drink, like their signature Seafood Chowder, Lake Michigan
                         Whitefish, and Chubby Mary cocktail.  Fill-you-up portions,
                         fair prices, fast and friendly service.  Located at the dam in 
                         Leland's Fishtown.  Open seven days.

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