Leelanau September Melancholy

North Bar Lake Outlet To Lake Michigan

Closing is the ice cream shop on Front Street.
Quieting are the echoes of children on Empire Beach.
Chilling is the morning mist on North Bar Lake.
Fleeting are the hours before sunset.
Turning are the first leaves of Autumn.

It's s
ad, but true.  The sweet, longed-for Leelanau Summer is over.  And the end of this season is always especially regretful.

The never-ending days were filled with the simple pleasures of outdoor living in the Land of Delight ….

Sun-filled picnics for two on the dunes.
Wading in the cool shallows of the big lake.
Unhurried walks through the verdant woods.
Starry night beach bonfires ….

Then, almost quicker than you can say mostbeautifulplaceinamerica, yet another Summer in Leelanau has faded into fall.

So sublime is the Season of Sun in this place, that I find myself counting how many Summers may be left for me ….  

Perhaps our very longing for Summer is a hint that ...

Somewhere, Somehow, Summer …

Never ends

And the livin' is easy.

See You Up North,

                         Visit A Leelanau Landmark:  North Bar Lake - A little jewel
                         of a lake nestled among the dunes and renowned for its 
                         crystalline water and sandy bottom.  The kids can romp in
                         a shallow channel that empties into Lake Michigan.  Fun 
                         to visit anytime of the year.  Just north of Empire Village.

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