Wisdom Of The Woods In Leelanau

Woodlands  At  North  Bar  Lake

Leelanau is a land of trees ...

And they talk to each other.  Nicely.

"What's shakin'," asked the Pine.  "Nothin' but my leaves," said the Maple.  "And that's on account of the breeze."

Okay.  The conversation isn't quite like that.

Seriously though, researchers have discovered that trees in a forest - even different species - communicate their needs to each other via an underground network of fungi.  
This intricate fungal web allows the trees to help their woody neighbors by transferring needed nutrients and signaling environmental change.

And the largest and oldest trees, the so-called "mother trees," actually search out and nurture their offspring seedlings.

So, Mr. Darwin, it's not always cut limb competition to become the surviving plant.  These forest makers actually like each other - to the point of sharing a meal.

There you have it - talking, compassionate trees ...

Found only in Leelanau and other beautiful places.

See You In Leelanau Up North,

                    Visit A Leelanau Landmark:  Woodlands At North Bar Lake - Enjoy
                    the fleeting, but still vibrant, fall colors reflected in the crystal clear 
                    waters of North Bar Lake.  Hiked there yesterday, from Empire 
                    Beach, and had the whole place to myself.  Leelanau's own Walden
                    woods and pond.  Off the famous M-22, just north of Empire.  

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