Covetous In Leelanau

Beach  At  South  Manitou  Island

I envy these majestic dunes,

This vast freshwater sea,

The rolling woodlands and meadows ....

Long after I am gone,

And just a memory,

They will go on ...

To feel the warm of the sun,

The cool of the rain.

The fresh of the breeze.

Long after I am gone,

And just a memory.

As they enjoy permanence

At the expense of life,

I enjoy life ... 

At the expense of permanence.


I wonder ...

Which of us

Has the better deal.

See You In Leelanau Up North,

                    VISIT A LEELANAU LANDMARK:  South Manitou Island - A jewel 
                    of the national park, located 15 miles west of Leland in Lake Michigan.
                    Accessible by private boat or the Manitou Transit Ferry, the Island has
                    groomed trails for day trippers, and rustic campsites for longer stays.  


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