Leelanau, Intentionally

You have to be deliberate about coming to Leelanau.

In the mitten state, Leelanau is the "little finger" county jutting out into Lake Michigan - as far northwest as you can go in the lower peninsula.

Here, where the road ends and the water begins, there's no such thing as just passing through.

No.  You drive (or hike, or bike) a two lane into Leelanau.  You're here.  And then you drive out of Leelanau when your time is up.  Hopefully not too soon.

If you make it to this little northern outpost, you're not on your way to somewhere else.

So, ... everyone here in the Land of Delight wants to be here.  Some, for a tranquil break from their downstate routine.  Others, for a permanent camp beside the water and the dunes. This makes for a pretty happy place for all concerned.

And isn't happiness the whole point? 

The longing for it is wired into us because true happiness is our destiny.  And Leelanau gives us a sweet taste of what is to come ...

When we come to Leelanau, intentionally.

See You Up North,


                    Visit A Leelanau Landmark:  M-22, the music video.  Join
                    recording artist and Leelanau native Steve Pichan for a virtual 
                    tour on the back of his Fat Boy Harley, exploring M-22 from 
                    Frankfort to Leland.  Get a real biker's view of the Land of Delight -                         
                    the waterways, dunes, villages, restaurants, orchards, vineyards 
                    and so much more. And the original music is pure michicana!  
                    Go to M-22 by Steve Pichan.



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