Leelanau ... This Too Shall Pass

Leelanau  Sunrise

A curious little story:

After a busy summer vacation day in the Land of Delight, I went to bed reflecting on the idea of impermanence.  

That absolutely nothing in this life lasts.  Or, as the Buddha put it, "All conditioned things have the nature of vanishing."

About two o'clock in the morning, Sue and I were awakened by a loud thud.  Fearing that one of our guests had fallen out of bed, stumbled in the dark, or whatever - I quickly made my rounds about the house.

Only to discover that three wall hangings had crashed to the floor in unison.

A clock fell from the wall, ... into a framed design of our family name, ...which in turn hit a picture of our house.  All at rest in a jumbled pile.

Leaving the clean-up until daylight, I went back to bed.

But sleep eluded as I contemplated the unmistakable and unsettling message of the night:  

Everything we know and love - our family, ... our possessions, ... even time itself - shall pass.

                                                                            * * * * * * * * *

Enter a ray of hope:  This strange late night episode, ... the "coincidental" happenings that play out everyday in our lives, suggest that ...

Though everything we know and love shall pass ... all shall pass into something more ... and perhaps, into something even better.

See You Up North,

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