Leelanau, You're Just Too Sexy

Inspiration  Point - Glen  Lake


Even as summer fades, your real estate values are going through the roof.  Your national park attendance is breaking records.  Your restaurants, and shops, and wineries are jammed.

Everyone, it seems, wants a beautiful part of you.  

They want to run their toes through your dune grass, ...caress your beaches of golden sand, ... dive into your pools of aqua blue, ... ride the gentle curves of your M-22.

No one can resist your temptations, and no one is denied your pleasures.  

You beckon everyone and embrace them with open arms.  

I'm a little jealous.

If only we had met sooner ....

Forever Yours,


                    Visit A Leelanau Landmark:  Inspiration Point - A breathtakingly
                    beautiful Glen Lake scenic overlook.  Private, peaceful and, well,
                    inspiring.  A perfect place for a secret rendezvous.  Follow W. 
                    MacFarlane Rd. (County Rd. 616) south of Glen Lake to the 
                    Inspiration Point turn off.


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