Leelanau At The 45th - Just Right

Leelanau  Vineyard  At  Sunset

There is a nice place on our planet, halfway between the equator and the north pole ...

Where it's not too hot, and not too cold.

Where it's not too wet, and not too dry.

Where there are generally no hurricanes, wildfires, floods or other extreme weather events.

Where the world's most important crops happily grow in abundance.

And where the inhabitants revel in the relatively safe and comfortable middleness of their homelands.

This place is represented by an imaginary line which geographers call the 45th parallel - 
marking the midpoint between the northern freeze and the equatorial sizzle.

It has been described as the most temperate location, ... in the temperate zone, ... of a decidedly intemperate world.

And guess what?

The Leelanau Peninsula is located almost precisely at the 45th Parallel.

No surprise to those who have experienced the Land of Delight.

Where it's just right.

See You Up North,


                    Visit A Leelanau Landmark:  The vineyards of Leelanau - thriving
                    at the 45th Parallel - the very same latitude of the premier wine
                    producing regions of Bordeaux (France), Piedmont (Italy) and 
                    Willamette Valley (Oregon).  Sample the award winning wines of
                    Leelanau in tasting rooms all over the peninsula.


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