Leelanau ... The Real Deal

Empire Bluffs Winterscape

As we've suggested before ("Leelanau ... This Too Shall Pass"), everything we know and love in this life will, eventually, fade into nothingness.

What is more, the Buddhists would have us believe that everything we know and love doesn't really exist, anyway.  


But in looking around, as far as I can tell, things do exist and they haven't yet faded away.  


The dunes are here, the lake is here, and the woods are here - all immutable testaments to reality.  Like old and trusted friends, I count on them for their steadfastness, wisdom and truth
in an upside down world.  

People and their predilections come and go.  The land remains.

So, ... when it's hard to determine what is real and what is fake, remember ...

The dunes are here, the lake is here, and the woods are here - the real deal in Leelanau.

See You Up North,

                   Visit A Leelanau Landmark:  The Empire Beach Live Cam - 
                   Remotely visit this famous stretch of the National Lakeshore 
                   24/7 thanks to the Empire Chamber of Commerce.  See 
                   real waves, on a real beach, in real time.  Nothing fake here.
                   Google Empire Beach Live Cam.  


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