Leelanau Last Walk

Pyramid  Point  Trail  -  Sleeping  Bear  Dunes  National  Lakeshore

The path from my door to the lake climbs to a hilltop stand of pine and locust trees, … and then descends a sandy bluff to the beach.

I've walked this path a thousand times, … each little mound and turn now firmly ingrained in my mind.

On the last walk, the thought occurred that there will be a Last Walk - someday.

Hopefully, not too soon.

Knowingly or not, I'll amble up and down the path …

or the last time.

Too often in life, we end a longstanding routine, or leave a place we've lived for years, … without giving it a second thought.

Without thinking, ... "This is the last time."

Before such endings and leavings, let us savor the last moments of doing or being.

he Buddha put it wisely:

"As you walk … be where you are.  Otherwise you will miss most of your life."

So, … on my next walk to the lake,

I'll take a deep breath of the earthy, moist air.

Feel the warm sand give way beneath my feet.

And gaze in awe at the vast expanse of blue.

Maybe for the Last Time.  Maybe not.

See You Up North,

                         Visit A Leelanau Landmark:  Pyramid Point Hiking Trail - one of
                         the most popular excursions in the Lakeshore.  A nearly 3 mile 
                         loop with a spectacular high point view over Lake Michigan to
                         the Manitou Islands and beyond.  Moderately strenuous.
                         Stop by the Lakeshore Visitors Center in Empire for details.

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