Why Is There Leelanau ... Instead Of Nothing?

Leelanau Clay Cliffs Natural Area by Stephanie Schlatter

Forested hills, crystalline waters and majestic dunes define Leelanau, the "Land of Delight."

We know how these natural wonders came to be - through the intricate interplay of climate and geology, over millions of years.

But why?

Why does nature exist in the first place?  More generally, why is there something (i.e., a universe) instead of nothing?

This was the question famously posed by the German philosopher, Gottfried Leibniz, in the 17th century.

"Why is there something rather than nothing?"

One of the more modern theories about the "why?" of the universe is that there has always been something - like quantum particles, strings and membranes - the most fundamental building blocks of the universe.  

So, the moderns say, ... there was never nothing.

Still, Herr Leibniz would likely ask:  "But why was there always something?"

And there was only one answer that satisfied him:

There must be an un-caused cause of all things ….

Which makes God the simple reason that there is Leelanau ... instead of nothing.

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