Live And Let Live In Leelanau

Photo Courtesy Of Don Minard Photography - Traverse City, Michigan

This time of year, especially, the little denizens of the woods and water come out in force.

I mean insects.

In addition to the usual varieties, Leelanau is home to some pretty unique species:

Like the Spotted Cucumber Beetle, the Isabella Tiger Moth, and the Green Stink Bug.

Sadly, in my younger days, I would swat or stomp these critters without hesitation - if they were so bold as to venture into "my" territory.

Now, having mellowed and matured, I've taken to gently scooping up the little trespassers and ushering them out the door.

I'll tell you why.

If the Author of Nature, in Her infinite wisdom, has taken the time, perhaps millions of years, to carefully design and nurture these creatures, ...

With their tiny, exquisitely crafted brains, musculature, circulatory systems, and more, …

Who am I to destroy this divine handiwork?

And then there's the little matter of karma, as in "getting what you give."

In sum, I no longer practice insecticide
, … with one caveat:

I will defend myself from attack.

So, … you Leelanau mosquitoes, black flies and biting ants, ...


See You Up North,

                    Visit A Leelanau Landmark:  The Grand Traverse Butterfly House
                    & Bug Zoo - Get up close and personal with butterflies and their
                    bug relatives from around the world, … all in a tropical setting of 
                    fragrant flowers and tranquil water features.  Located on M-72 just
                    outside of Traverse City.

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