Rock Out In Leelanau

Shoreline  At  Empire  Beach
Rocks ....

Seriously, is there anything they can't do?  I think not.

Use them for door stops, jewelry, weapons, landscape accents, weights, handsome things to behold, walls, Christmas presents for the naughty, and so much more.

Rockhounding season is now underway, and Leelanau is a treasure trove of specimens - especially along the Lakeshore.

Unique to the Land of Delight is the Petoskey stone, fossilized coral from an ancient shallow sea.  And the translucent Leland blue stone, actually a byproduct from the smelting of iron ore in the late 1800's.

Interestingly, many Leelanau rocks hail from Canada, eh?  Such as jasper, granite, limestone, basalt, feldspar and quartz. 

The great Wisconsin glacier, which created Lake Michigan, flowed south from Canada for thousands of years, carrying with it massive amounts of rock.  When the glacier melted back, about 10,000 years ago, it deposited the stone in and around the big lake.

As a result of this glacier conveyor belt, Leelanau has more varieties and colors of rock than you are likely to find anywhere ... on the biggest rock of all.

Planet Earth.

Attorney Warning:  Federal law prohibits the removal of rocks and minerals from the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.  Michigan law allows you to collect up to 25 pounds of the hard souvenirs from state parks.  County and other local parks have their own rules.

See You Up North,

                         Visit A Leelanau Landmark - Petoskey is the Michigan state 
                         fossil stone, noted for its hexagonal corals with mysterious 
                         "eyes."  A special gift to the first reader from France who  
                         responds: Send your name and address and receive a genuine 
                         Petoskey stone, suitable for polishing and keepsaking.  Gratuit!

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