The Path To Paradise: Leelanau's M22

Standing outside the M22 store in Glen Arbor ….

Sue was approached by a young man who had just exited the shop - clutching a bag full of goodies emblazoned with the now famous logo.

"Excuse me, he said rather sheepishly.  I'm not from around here.  What exactly is M22?"

Sue smiled and pointed to the county road sign just above their heads.  "It's the road you're on."

Ah, ... a road, ... yes.  But not just any road.

M22 is a 116 mile scenic corridor outlining the Leelanau peninsula from Manistee to Traverse City.  It is perhaps Michigan's most beautiful highway in what many consider America's most beautiful place.

To the west, a vast fresh water sea, bordered by towering dunes, stretches blue to the horizon.  To the east, sparkling inland lakes amidst forested hills are accented by crimson orchards and vineyards.

It's no wonder that the M22 road sign has come to identify so much more than just a two lane black top.

Thanks to brothers Matt and Keegan Myers, purveyors of M22 gear, the sign has become an iconic logo for the essence of "up north" Michigan.

For the Myers brothers, however, it was never about their trendy M22 apparel.  In their hugely cool M22 store.  

No.  For them, it was - and is - about the land:  the woods, the water, the dunes, ….

It's about good stewardship of these precious and sacred works of nature.

It's about a way of life, ... being fully immersed in the landscape of northern Michigan - from the snow and the squalls, ... to the wind and the waves, ... to the sun and the sand.

And, ultimately, it's about an Up North state of mind, inspired by all of the above ...

On the path to paradise, … M22.

See You Up North,

                         Visit A Leelanau Landmark:  M-22, the music video.  Join
                         recording artist and Leelanau native, Steve Pichan, for a
                         virtual tour on the back of his Fat Boy Harley, exploring 
                         M22 from Frankfort to Leland.  Get a real biker's view of
                         the Land of Delight - the waterways, dunes, vineyards,
                         restaurants, villages and more.  And the original music is 
                         pure michicana!  Go to M-22 by Steve Pichan.

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