Father And Son - A Leelanau Story

North  Manitou  Island  -  Photo  Courtesy  Of  Nailhed

July 1st, 2013 was a perfect day.

The clear, calm waters of the big lake reflected the morning sun, ...

All the way from Sleeping Bear Bay to North Manitou Island.

The perfect day for a Father and Son odyssey - a canoe trip to the Island.

The Son was eight years old, happy beyond measure to go on this exciting adventure with Dad, his outdoor hero.

The Father, eager to share his love of nature, beamed as his Boy climbed gingerly into the canoe.

Life vests secure, they were off.

Five hours and nine miles of paddling later, they came ashore on North Manitou,...

Exhausted but exhilarated by their voyage together.

After about an hour of rest on the island, they set off for the mainland, hoping to make it back by sunset.

And they almost made it - but for ...

The rogue wave,

The capsized canoe,

The deathly cold water,

The delayed rescue, ...

All within a mile of shore.

Father, may you find comfort in the memory of your Son's delight in a Leelanau adventure.

Son, know that you will always be in your Father's heart in the Land of Delight.

And Son, …

May you rest is peace.

                    Visit A Leelanau Landmark:  The Stephen Easter Amphitheater at
                    Bach Elementary School in Ann Arbor, MI.  "Stephen's Theater" is
                    a memorial to the Son who died in his Father's arms while canoeing 
                    off the coast of Leelanau in 2013.  Stephen loved nature and performing.



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