A Leelanau Farewell

Joan Marie Capoccia, 1930 - 2022

Today, ...

My mother left this world

On a soft, summer breeze.

Summer was her season of choice -

In living,

And in dying.

She was enamored of summer vacations on the big lake - 

From South Haven, to Empire, to Charlevoix.

Whether visiting in person,

Or in her mind, ...

She was most happy in a summer place -

Of bright sunshine, golden sand and blue water.

It has been said,

For those who believe, ...

That we will enjoy in our afterlife

The very best of our earthly life.

And so I say, ...

Goodbye for now, Mom,

And welcome ...

To your eternal Summer.


  1. Thank you, Chris. An elegant tribute for an elegant lady.

    1. Many thanks for your kind words.

    2. Thank you Chris. A beautiful tribute❤️


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