The Empire Bluffs Don't Care ...

That you finally got that job promotion, ... or, sadly, that your dog died last week.

The lake and the dunes don't care that you got a speeding ticket on the way up to see them, ... or that your ex just filed for an increase in child support.

It's true.  These massive works of nature are indifferent to the human struggle.

There is, however, a profound calming spirit about them.  These Leelanau natural wonders have an immensity of serenity that centers and grounds us.  They give our mundane concerns a much needed cosmic perspective.

We are, after all, creatures of the cosmos.

Hike up Empire Bluffs in the Lakeshore, marvel at the vast expanse of sand and water, and you'll know just what I mean.

And the Bluffs couldn't care less that you'll be a little winded after the hike.

See You Up North,



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