On The Road To Empire

Homeward  Bound  In  Leelanau

At times in life, we're so focused on a destination ... that we don't really appreciate the journey.

We make our pilgrimage to Empire Village in Leelanau at least once a month.

Though we're always anxious to arrive in the Land of Delight as soon as possible, I have come to find the long drive Up North to have its own rewards.

With five hours of meandering road ahead of us, we have the luxury of time.  Time to think, ... and to talk, ... and to listen (to each other and to good music).  Or, ... time to just be silent.

These precious hours are hard to find in the downstate grind.

As if in a dream, we pass in slower motion through quaint towns and villages - Clare, Cadillac, Mesick, Copemish - now comfortably familiar to us like old friends.

We stop for dinner at Mancino's, where the friendly ladies know our names ... and our favorites on the menu.  (They've threatened to rename the tuna grinder & soup combo the "Chris Dish.")

Winding around secluded lakes and over peaceful streams, ... finally the road narrows, the trees surround, and we're back home again.  In Empire.

And - as I hope in life's journey - with gratitude for the little pleasures along the way.

See You Up North,


                    Visit A Leelanau Landmark:  Great music for the road by friend, 
                    musician and fellow Leelanauer, Steve Pichan.  His "Project 99"
                    garnered a nomination for 2018 Best Musical Artist, International
                    Christian Film and Music Festival.  Give a listen on your favorite
                    digital music service.


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