Leelanau ... Happy Just To Be

Empire  Bluffs  In  January

On my first hike of the new year ....

Frigid, gray blue water ahead.  Crusty, frozen sand beneath my feet.  Snow capped dunes towering above the jack pines.

All ... just ... being.

The waves do not race to be first to the shore.  The trees do not compete to be at the top of the bluff.

No.  Nature is content simply to be - not to become something more than it is.

Not so with us.  

Especially in our younger years, we strive to become ... professional, expert, well-off, accomplished, whatever.

Perhaps that is how it should be, in our younger years.  Always striving to become, to make our mark upon the world.  

But now, on my first hike of the new year, in perhaps the last third of my life, ...

Like the waves and the trees, ...

I'm happy just to be.

See You Up North,

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