In Leelanau, Our Time Is Now

Sleeping  Bear  Dunes - Leelanau

Often, as I gaze upon these monuments of sand, I try to comprehend that they are 11,000 years old - remnants of the last ice age.  For some perspective, the dunes were sentinels on the big lake long before Christ traversed the hills of Judea.

Yet the dunes, in geologic time (a measure of earth's multi-billion year history), are mere toddlers compared to other inhabitants of Leelanau.

The rocks scattered throughout the Lakeshore, from car size boulders to the smallest Petoskey stones, date from the so-called Devonian Period - some 350 million years in the past.

And if the dunes are toddlers in geologic time, we humans are but infants - having come to this land in our prehistoric form just 9,000 years ago.

So, ... as you behold the Land of Delight, consider the ancient lineage of all that you see.

But know that, as the infants of Leelanau, 

our time, geologically speaking, 

is now. 

Let us make the most of it.

See You Up North,

                         Visit A Leelanau Landmark:  The Sleeping Bear Dunes National
                         Lakeshore Visitors Center - where you'll find a great selection of
                         books about the geologic and human history of the Leelanau 
                         peninsula.  Located on M-72 in Empire.

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