Leelanau Winter Embrace

February  Surf  -  Empire  Beach

Let there be biting cold ... so that I may feel warmth.

Let there be raging wind ... so that I may know stillness.

Let there be drifting snow ... so that I may forge a path.

Let there be crashing waves ... so that I may hear silence.

Let there be freezing water ... so that I may see it flow.

Let there be ... Winter ...

So that I may come alive.

See You Up North,

                         Visit A Leelanau Landmark:  Get up close and personal with 
                         Winter on a ranger-led snowshoe hike in the national park.
                         Every Saturday at 1pm, join a ranger for a guided hike in the 
                         Lakeshore.  Meet at the Visitor's Center in Empire to get a 
                         park pass and snowshoes.  Reservations are required.  Call
                         231-326-4700 for details.  Hikes happen through March 23rd.

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