On Beauty ... In Leelanau

Most of us would agree that the sunset over Lake Michigan, pictured above, is … beautiful.

Not unlike many such scenes in Leelanau, the Land of Delight.

But I wonder ….

This sense we have that something is beautiful - where does it come from?

We don't learn to recognize beauty.  We just do.  We know it when we see it, as if by instinct.

Somehow, I think, we are recalling a Supreme Beauty which occupies another realm.
A realm, though unseen, that is no less a part of our being, ... and is perhaps our true home.

In a word, we know beauty because we come from the source and Creator of all that is beautiful ...

In Leelanau and beyond.

See You Up North,

                    Visit A Leelanau Landmark:  The big one, Lake Michigan - 307 miles
                    long, 118 miles wide, 1,640 miles of shoreline, 279 to 923 feet deep,
                    and holding 1,180 cubic miles of water!  That's some lake … or 
                    should we say, inland sea.  Surrounding Leelanau, everyday. 

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