In Leelanau, ... An Amish Story

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Perched 450 feet above Lake Michigan is the famous scenic overlook number nine on the Pierce Stocking Drive.

Visitors are warned not to climb down the nearly vertical dune, lest they require an expensive  rescue by the coast guard.  (Going rate: $2,800.00 per person.)

Undeterred, a group of Amish people - perhaps fifteen men, women and children - descended this mountain of sand in single file.  

Despite the heat and the arduous trek, they were dressed in their traditional garb - men and boys in suspendered trousers, collared shirts and straw hats; women and girls in full dresses, aprons and hair concealing bonnets.

Not a selfie or smartphone could be found among this crowd..

We didn't wait to see their grueling ascent - apparently successful, as there was no news of an Amish clan stranded on the beach below.

It took some grit (and perhaps a little gaffe) to accomplish such a risky climb.

But then, ... the Amish are known for their grit.

For their resistance to the tropes and trappings of popular culture.

Just living the plain life in Leelanau.

Kind of refreshing ....

Like the cool breeze atop scenic overlook number nine.

See You In Leelanau Up North,

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